Cellecta’s DECIPHER Project RNAi Screening Tools at Roswell Park Cancer Institute

We’ve started your blog as being a simple, unobtrusive conduit that permits us to speak on to our customers, collaborators, along with interested researchers about new and interesting developments linked to Cellecta’s technology and business. Because the first post, we thought i would let you know about our recent agreement using the Roswell Park Cancer Institute (RPCI) that delivers support to laboratories in their institution doing genome-wide RNAi screenings using our expanding portfolio of open-access DECIPHER™ pooled lentiviral shRNA expression libraries.

However the plasmid versions in the DECIPHER shRNA library “modules” can be obtained free-of-charge to any academic laboratory though the DECIPHER Project, the DECIPHER Technology Access and Maintenance (TAM) Program, that your RPCI just joined, lets them choose this screening technology accessible by using a well-supported centralized core facility. The DECIPHER TAM Program enables us to deliver this institution with new modules of the packaged, ready-to-use shRNA expression libraries as they are developed, proactive support for those labs using these resources, updates on new technological developments and protocols, and access to the most up-to-date software to handle screening results.

Currently, as part of the open-access DECIPHER Project, you will discover 4 pooled shRNA library modules freely available—two modules targeting 10,000 human genes and also targeting 10,000 mouse genes. Each one library module targets approximately 5,000 well-annotated genes with 27,500 shRNAs (5-6 shRNA target each transcript). Human and mouse 1 modules target that same pair of genes relevant to signal transduction and cancer. Your second modules target a broader variety of genes that seem to be linked to disease processes and pathology but weren’t targeted in the first module. In some weeks, we will to discharge human module 3 targeting 5,000 genes. Ultimately, you will have 5 modules targeting all human genes. Much like all of our libraries, we utilize bar-coded inserts and have absolutely checked the products the DECIPHER modules using HT sequencing to make certain all shRNA sequences exist at sufficient levels to make certain comprehensive screening from the targeted gene set.

A chance to identify genes with specific functional activities makes screening with pooled shRNA expression libraries a very powerful technique to investigate the genetic controls regulating a variety of biological responses. However, effective screening might be technically challenging. As the DECIPHER Project helps to fulfill our goal to make basic tools due to this form of analysis easily accessible to all or any labs, the DECIPHER TAM Program allows us to provide you with the resources and support that could empower labs to make use of these RNAi screening tools to their maximum potential. We are really awaiting utilizing RPCI about this program.

More information around the DECIPHER Project can be located on http://www.decipherproject.net.


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