Get rid of HIV and aggressive sort of leukemia ?

Scientists in the Laboratory of Molecular Virology and Gene Therapy of KU Leuven found that a protein through an important role inside the spread of HIV , exactly the same function exercises from the development of a hostile form of leukemia . They aspire to mitigate with the exact same inhibitor in the foreseeable future. Leukemia and HIV

Proteins inside cells with the your body shapes by their interactions a network that provides the ” control ” of the cell. To adopt above the ‘ governance’ on the cells will viruses , like HIV , efficiently manipulate certain network nodes to influence the network. A comparable phenomenon occurs while using growth of cancer . Again, make modifications in certain proteins to modifications in nodes on the network . Now it would appear that some nodes be involved both in the spread of HIV and the development of cancer .

It turned out shown which the protein LEDGF/p75 is an important hub for the multiplication of HIV . Genital herpes used this protein to anchor . Binds towards DNA from the cell Exactly the same protein plays an identical role inside the growth of certain forms of leukemia . For instance , an exceptionally aggressive sort of leukemia that always occurs in children younger than one full year. Meanwhile, have been developed which might be potent inhibitors from the interaction between this protein and HIV , so because of this and the DNA , the anchoring block of HIV.

Dr. Jan De Rijck , from the Laboratory of Molecular Virology and Gene Therapy led by Professor Zeger Debyser , showed now jointly researchers on the University of Basel that strategies that had been previously used also to inhibit this aggressive sort of leukemia cells in laboratory animals and HIV can stop . Inside a next thing , one will develop new drugs to manage leukemia , on such basis as these results.


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