American Hospital year-old girl by HIV cure leukemia

The white blood cells called T cells in the lesions B cells to kill the patient’s body, so as to achieve the purpose of cure leukemia

Petersburg, Pennsylvania – Emma Whitehead has recently been in this house romps practice empty-handed turn and British rugby style wallowing in fear of her parents.

And, incredibly, in the spring of this year, the 6-year-old Emma almost died of leukemia. Twice she had suffered a relapse after chemotherapy, and doctors have been helpless.

To save her daughter’s life, the frantic parents took her to Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, to accept an experimental therapy. This therapy had never been used in children and has never been used in to Emma this type of leukemia patients body. This attempt in April this year, a loss of infectivity of HIV Emma’s immune system is re-encoded at the genetic level, thus killing the cancer cells.

This therapy was almost wanted to kill her. But after she recovered, the cancer cells are gone, and seven months after the disease are still in remission. She is the first child of the test, is the first to accept a test patient. This therapy through new technologies, to achieve a long-sought goal, namely the ability to give the patient’s own immune system and cancer enduring struggle.

Emma’s parents, Kari and Tom Emma since 2010, suffering from acute lymphoblastic leukemia when she was 5 years old. Emma is their only child.

Pioneered the experimental therapy from the University of Pennsylvania. Emma is only 12 received one this therapy in patients with advanced leukemia. Other medical centers also are trying similar therapies, including the National Cancer Institute and Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center.

“Our goal is to find a cure, but we cannot say that,” said Carl June of the research group of the leadership of the University of Pennsylvania. He expressed the hope that new therapies can eventually replace the bone marrow transplant, because the latter is a more laborious, dangerous and expensive method. Now, in the failure of other therapies to the treatment of leukemia and related diseases, bone marrow transplant is the last glimmer of hope.


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