The Meliaceae Plant immunosuppressive activity of new ingredients

201212311045094Recently, the Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica, Chinese Academy of Sciences, researchers from Meliaceae plants Côte d’Ivoire Mahogany discovered a new type of immunosuppressive activity the macrolide (Ivorenolide A). The compound having a rare conjugated diacetylene fragment and the five chiral centers, and is formed of a 18 – membered macrocyclic lactone structure and the 1,17 – position. The researchers by spectroscopic methods, X-crystal diffraction means for determining the relative three-dimensional structure, and also raised the possibility of the formation of the compound biogenic ways.

In the the biogenic synthesis via inspired, researchers chiral synthesis of the compound and its enantiomer (contrary to the optically active and CD) 12 linear synthetic steps and 22% overall yield, in order to determine a macrolide (ivorenolide A) the absolute stereochemical configuration.

The compound and its synthetic enantiomer isomer showed excellent immunosuppressive activity and selectivity. Discovery Ivorenolide A and its synthetic enantiomer for the development of new immunosuppressive agents provide a relatively simple structure of the new type of pilot. The study also found that the natural macrolide (ivorenolide A) are present in the solid and solution state where the interesting phenomenon of self-assembled.

This study was supported by the Shanghai drugs Yue Jianmin study group, left the Jianping research group, as well as Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Lanzhou University, Li Ying research group collaboration. The research results have been published online in the Journal of the American Chemical Society. The date, Yue Jianmin research group in Meliaceae plant chemical composition and biological activity of achieved fruitful results, has completed a study of the chemical composition and biological activity of more than 30 species of the plants, isolated and identified more than 600 structural diversity the compound of the novel compounds of more than 400, the new skeleton of compound 35; found to have significant biological activity of the compound 42.


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