Hong Kong’s largest Medical Beauty Group Neo derm Medical plan listed


After four years of planning, Hong Kong’s largest Medical Beauty Group Neo derm Medical Beauty finally succeeded in extending their reach to the mainland market. January 8, the Group spent 20 million and opened the first medical cosmetic center in Shanghai, with the expansion of the number of stores at the same time, Neo derm Group of Hong Kong listing plan ready to come out.

The Neo derm Medical Cosmetology was founded in 1997, initially to the various hospitals, clinics, beauty centers, dermatology and plastic surgeon marketing and sale of medical skin care products and equipment from 2002, self-employed medical cosmetic center, directly facing the consumer persons. Already has 15 beauty centers in Hong Kong, all of the outlets, sales to maintain a growth of more than 40% in recent years.

Beginning in 2004, the group that is interested in entering the mainland market, and has set up offices in Shanghai, Beijing, in preparation for the preliminary work.

“This is an important investment despite the current economic environment in the face of the challenge, but the company is confident in the medical cosmetic market prospects in China.” Group founder and Managing Director Mr. Lin Mingsheng said.

The beauty service has become one of China’s five major consumer items, income is estimated to be as high as 200 billion yuan in 2006, expected to 2011, the amount will be doubled.

It is worth mentioning, and different beauty salon, medical beauty center is a professional skin treatment clinics. The center not only has a “medical institution” issued by the

Shanghai Health Bureau, with the qualified medical beauty equipment professional medical beauty treatment, therapists with clinical experience are also dermatologist.

“In other words, the mainland market is not similar to the format of the competition, the future market potential is great.” Lin Mingsheng said, in a city with a population of 7,000,000, Newton has been able to achieve greater success, such a broad face of the mainland markets, develop confidence greater.

Previously, Lin Mingsheng interviewed by the media in Hong Kong, he said the group plans to issue 25% of the shares listed on the Main Board of the Stock Exchange in Hong Kong in the aggregate amount to be determined. Group’s future intend to further expand the local network, intends to open 3-5 at home in Hong Kong every year professional beauty center, estimated involving funding of up to 100 million yuan. Mainland China and Southeast Asia markets will expand in the future.


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