The gene is able to calculate the time of death?

Research scientists claimed to have discovered a specific genetic variant may be able to accurately predict the time of death of the person.

Derived from a study on elderly sleep cycle to the discovery, in the investigation of the 1200 elderly, researchers accidentally discovered an adenine (A) or guanine (G) is a nuclear-based molecules. Because DNA is double-stranded structure, the human DNA has two sets of opposed, so there is the combination of three kinds of nucleotides: adenine and adenine combination of (A-A), adenine and guanine composition (A-G), as well as guanine combination with guanine (G-G). A 36% possibility of A-A, 16% chance of a G-G-type, 48% chance of the A-G-type. Who got up before 7:00 in the morning easier adenine (A-A) nucleotide bases, like to stay in bed the lazy easier nucleotide bases guanine (G-G), not earlier late both (A-G).


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